Abercastle Boat Owners... …Ensuring access to the sea for all


1. The competition will start at 10:30am and will finish at 3:30pm sharp with the ‘weigh-in’.
2. If the competition judge decides that the weather or the sea is too rough the competition will be called off. The judge will try to give as much notice as possible if this is the case. If the fishing competition is cancelled the BBQ will still take place at the Square and Compass starting at 6pm.
3. Although each boat can have several competitors on board, each competitor will be competing alone. £5 entry fee per competitor to be paid before the competition begins. Fees fund the prizes.
4. There will be several categories of competition, each with its own prize :
a) Heaviest single fish caught for the Viv Davies Shield
b) Combined weight of 5 caught mackerel Each competitor will be asked to select 5 mackerel and weigh them. The nearest combined weight to a ‘magic weight’ written in a sealed envelope wins a prize.
c) Greatest number of different species caught.
d) Judge’s opinion (not to be challenged) of the ‘best fish’ or ‘most interesting specimen’
5. To minimise ecosystem impact, digital photos are acceptable as evidence for the “number of different species” and “most interesting specimen” categories (for verification, at the start of the competition, each competitor will be given an unusual object to include in each photo).

Heaviest fish and combined weight entries should be kept ungutted to be weighed on the beach.
If it’s not going to be eaten, don’t kill it or land it.
6. Each competitor is responsible for ensuring that all fish they land ashore for the weigh in conform to the minimum size limits of UK and SWSF standards and the Anglers charter.
7. All fish count except Weaver, Dragnet, Sea Scorpion, Octopus, Blenny and Sucker Fish.
8. Only fish hooked forward of the gills may be counted (so they must also have gills!).
9. No competitor may fish more than ONE rod with reel and running line in use at one time.
10. Competitors will be expected to contribute some or all of their catch to the BBQ to supplement the burgers, sausages and salad provided.
11. The A.B.O.A Committee will not be held responsible or liable for any accident arising out of the use of the boats, or any damage to any competitor, official or member of the public.
12. Decisions of the judge will be final on all counts.